Think You Got Tooth Brushing Down Pat? Here Are 7 Common Mistakes You May Be Making

tooth brushing mistakes

Brushing your teeth regularly is extremely important if you want to maintain oral hygiene. Since our childhood, we are told about the importance of brushing our teeth at least twice a day to make ensure they stay strong and cavity free.
However, there are certain mistakes that people make while brushing their teeth. Some of these include:

Not Changing Their Brush

The American Dental Association suggests that you should change your toothbrush after every three months.
This is because due to excessive use, the toothbrush bristles tend to wear down. As a result, your toothbrush is not able to clean your mouth adequately.
In addition to that, bacteria and food particles accumulate on your toothbrush overtime and can actually harm your teeth. Therefore, make sure that you buy a new toothbrush after a couple of months.

Not Spending Enough Time Brushing The Teeth

You need to spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. There are people who get done with the task in just a couple of seconds. You need to make sure that the toothpaste is able to attach itself to the enamel.
Often people are in a rush to get done with brushing their teeth. Due to this, they often miss certain parts of their teeth. Simply having white front teeth is not a sign of healthy teeth. You need to make sure that the side and the back part of your teeth is also clean.

Rinsing The Mouth

rinsing the mouth

This is a common mistake that majority of the people make while they are brushing their teeth. Toothpastes contain a compound known as Fluoride. It is this compound which helps ensure that your teeth stay clean and strong.
Water has a significant impact on the efficiency of Fluoride. Therefore, it is better to spit out the toothpaste rather than rinse your mouth with water once you are done with brushing your teeth.

Avoiding Dental Floss

dental flossing

Flossing allows you to remove the food particles that are stuck in areas of your mouth, which the toothbrush cannot reach. Removing these particles is important because overtime they can develop into calcified deposits and can lead to tooth decay.

Not Cleaning The Tongue

Simply brushing your teeth is not enough. Cleaning the tongue is equally important. A dirty tongue is a major reason why you might have bad breath. You can buy a toothbrush, which has a tongue scrapper at the back, or you can just use the bristles of the brush to clean your teeth.

Brushes With Hard Bristles

You want to use toothbrushes with soft bristles since hard bristles can damage your gums. Your teeth have a coating of enamel, which can be removed in case you brush too aggressively. This can cause your teeth to become too sensitive and cause you pain every time you eat or drink.

Not Brushing At The Right Angle

When brushing, make sure that you hold the brush at a proper angle. Also brush your teeth in a circular motion.
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