Reasons You Should Put Down That Candy Bar Right Now

risks of eating candy

Toothache is a common reason for oral pain in the United States. According to research, 15 million working days were lost each year in the United States due to this problem. This issue cannot be taken lightly.
Sugar in food items is one of the major reasons people face this issue. Here is a look at some reasons why it’s best to limit foods with high sugar content:

Impact Of Sugar On Health

impacts of Sugar on Health

The harmful effects of sugar are not just limited to your teeth. Sugar can cause damage to your entire body.
When you consume something sweet, your taste buds send messages to your brain. Once your brain receives these messages, it releases a chemical known as Dopamine in your body.  
The sugar that you have consumed goes to your stomach where digestive acids break it down and send it to the small intestine. The acids break the sugar down into two basic components, which include:
· Glucose
· Fructose
Most of the added sugar consists of a higher quantity of Fructose and Glucose, along with corn syrup, and can have a significant impact on your body.
People who consume too much sugar can suffer from problems like Obesity and Diabetes. High sugar level can also lead to Cancer. These people are also at a higher risk of suffering from a heart disease.

Damage Sugar Does To Your Teeth

The bacteria in your mouth that combines with plaque derives energy from sugar. The bacteria can lead to cavities and tooth decay. When it comes in contact with sugar, it gets bigger and converts sugar into an adhesive material.
Usually the saliva in your mouth washes away the bacteria. However, this becomes tough when the bacteria is stuck to your teeth along with the sugar.

The Acid In Your Mouth

There are certain acids in your mouth, which drain the minerals from the enamel in your teeth and strengthen your teeth. This entire process is known as de-mineralization. Your saliva also plays a role in this process since it consists of minerals like Calcium and Phosphates.
Another mineral that plays a role in this process is Fluoride. This mineral helps repair the enamel in your teeth. However, the presence of sugar slows down the process of de-mineralization. As a result, your teeth are weaker. 

How To Prevent This From Happening?

There are certain ways in which you can prevent your teeth from decaying. Some of the things you can do include:

Keep An Eye On Your Diet

Your diet has a major impact on your oral health. You need to make sure that the food you eat is nutritious and does not contain too many carbohydrates. Keep an eye out for the sugar content in your diet.
Even if you eat food, which has a high level of sugar, make sure that you brush your teeth immediately after.

Visit A Dentist

visit a dentist


One of the best ways of making sure that your teeth stay healthy is by regularly visiting the dentist. They can inspect your teeth for signs of damage. Get in touch with us. We are a family dentistry facility based in Frederick, MD.
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