Are E-Cigarettes Really Less Harmful For Your Teeth Than Regular Cigarettes?


The harmful effects of smoking on oral hygiene are well documented. As a result, people all over the world have started looking for a replacement. This is where e-cigarettes come.
However, experts suggest that e-cigarettes can also adversely affect your oral health. Before looking at the effects of e-cigarettes on your oral hygiene, let’s take a look at how smoking affects your oral health:


You can tell that a person is a smoker by just looking at their stained teeth. The chemicals in tobacco deposit on the enamel and make their place over there. Overtime these chemicals result in your teeth losing their color.

Bad Odor Coming From Mouth

Tobacco particles stay in your mouth long after you have finished your cigarette. These particles come in contact with the air that flows from your lungs to your mouth. This is the reason why smokers reek of cigarette smoke at all times.

Damaged Gums

damaged gums

Problems with gums are a lot more common in smokers than in non-smokers. This is because tobacco smoke makes it difficult for your mouth to combat bacteria. The bacteria eventually find their way to the gums and damage them.
Due to these problems, people have started turning towards e-cigarettes. However, if recent research is to be believed, e-cigarettes too have an adverse effect on your oral health.

E-Cigarettes And Oral Health

What many people do not realize is that the chemicals found in cigarettes are the same as the chemicals found in vapes. It is these chemicals that are responsible for health problems.
Research shows that when the smoke from vapes is burned, it releases proteins in your mouth that cause inflammation. The inflammation increases the stress in the cells and damages them. This leads to oral diseases.
The damage depends on the number of times a person vapes within a day. There are different flavors of vapes available in the market. The flavoring used in the vapes can also lead to health problems.
The flavoring damages healthy cells in your mouth. In addition to that, like normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes too contain Nicotine. Nicotine has been associated with gum diseases in the past.
The battery of an e-cigarette also consists of aerosol, which too can damage your mouth and teeth when it is inhaled.
Therefore, it is best to limit your use of e-cigarettes. Get in touch with us. We are a family dentistry facility based in Fredrick, MD.
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