Why A Dental Visit Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

If you had a bad experience the last time you visited a dentist, chances are, you’re facing extreme anxiety about visiting the clinic again.

This is completely natural. In fact, more than 50% of patients face anxiety when they’re at their dentist’s office.
That being said, under no circumstances is it wise to skip your dental check-ups simply because you’re feeling anxious. Compromising on your dental health could lead to serious dental problems that will need severe (and expensive) dental procedures.
Here are certain ways in which you can cope with dental anxiety:

Find a Reliable Dentist

The first step is to find another dentist, who is renowned for providing reliable dental care and general dentistry services. Ask for personal references and narrow down on a few you think are best. Look for a dentist that provides complete dental services; that is a sign of professionalism.
Give them a call and ask them about the sedation procedures and how far they go to ensure that their patients are comfortable. Pick the one you feel the most comfortable with.

Communicate your Anxiety

When setting up the appointment, communicate to the dentist about your anxiety. This will help you feel assured that the dentist understands your situation.  
This will also provide an opportunity for the dentist to make preparations accordingly for your appointment.

Take someone along for your first appointment

A very good way to deal with anxiety is to bring along a companion, anyone that you feel comfortable with, a friend or a family member.
Their company will ensure that you don’t feel anxious, especially in the waiting room. If possible, ask the dentist to let them come along for the procedure too.

Practice Relaxation

There are several relaxation techniques that you can practice, and the best of them is controlled breathing. By taking deep and slow breaths, you can relax your muscles, as well as your heartbeat.
This is something you can practice when you are in the waiting room, as well as during the procedure.
Another way to relax is to try and distract yourself. Listen to music, or watch a funny video on YouTube. Counting to yourself can keep your mind distracted during the procedure.
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