Toothaches Are Not All about Cavities

Tooth pain is often associated with cavities. After all, it is a common dental problem and ninety two percent of adults in United States suffer from this problem.  
They feel that a simple visit to the dentist and taking good care of their oral hygiene will solve the problem.
However, what they fail to realize is that the pain may not necessarily be triggered due to cavities. There are several other reasons, which might lead to tooth aches. Some of these include:

Wisdom Teeth Grows At An Incorrect Angle

You take good care of your teeth and visit the dentist regularly for routine checkups. Yet you are experiencing pain in your tooth. The reason for the pain is not cavities.
It might be due to problems with the wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth start developing between the ages 17-21. They push through the skin, which can lead to pain.
The pain can worsen in case the wisdom teeth grow at an incorrect angle. Having the teeth removed can alleviate pain.

Health Problems

In some cases, toothache can be a sign of something worse. It can be a sign of deteriorating tooth enamel. People tend to suffer from this condition because they grind their teeth too much.
People suffering from sinuses might also suffer from issues like sore gums and toothaches. The pain in your tooth can also be a sign of a joint disorder.

Sensitive Teeth

Excessively grinding your teeth can leave the nerves exposed. These exposed nerves might cause pain when they come in contact with food items, which are either too hot or too cold.
Some people also complain about their teeth being sensitive after they have undergone surgery. This problem usually occurs because of the inflammation of the pulp tissue in your teeth.

Mouth Infection

In case you are feeling a throbbing pain in your tooth, it is a sign that you might have a mouth infection. Infections are often associated with cracked teeth and cavities gone bad.

Diseased Gum

Periodontal maintenance is an essential thing when considering oral health. A common problem that can cause toothache is Gingivitis. This condition can lead to several problems for you in case you ignore it. The bacteria can lead to inflammation and infection in the bones beneath the teeth.
Some of the problems that you can face because of Gingivitis include:
· Cancer
· Diabetes
· Mellitus
· Vitamin deficiency

Improper Dental Care

A common reason people visit the dentist is to get a root canal. The dentist might not have properly applied the filling or it might have been dislodged because of which the cavity reopens. This can also lead to toothache.

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