Taking Care of Dentures

Dentures have been the go to solution for missing teeth and modern technology now allows us to make dentures that perfectly mimic natural teeth.
Made of porcelain, metals and acrylic plastic, dentures are removable and last a long time with proper care. Another important reason to take extra care with dentures is to prevent infections and this is why cleaning them properly and brushing twice a day become very important. There are also many other tips you can use to ensure a long lasting and hassle-free treatment for yourself.

Proper Cleaning

Dentures need to be cleaned every day with a soft bristle brush and a denture cleanser in a gentle manner. You must also take care to avoid using water with extreme temperatures as this can affect the shape of your dentures and they won’t fit as well as before.
Dentures must also be kept in cleanser water when not in use. This is important so that bacteria don’t attach to your dentures and make their way into your mouth. Metal dentures require a different type of care and are not to be kept in the standard solution.

Be Careful with Treatments

Be careful when using at-home whitening kits because they can bleach the pink parts of your dentures or cause damage to them. It is always best to get your teeth whitened by a professional in this case because your dentures must also be treated. To make sure nothing goes wrong, at least the first time should be done by your dental care provider.

Keep them Safe

Dentures are extremely useful and a big part of everyday routine. This is why you must care to carefully place them when not in use. A folded towel or bowl of water can be placed under them when cleaning to ensure they don’t fall on a hard surface and break. Use soft brushes instead of hard ones to prevent wear from cleaning. They must also be kept out of reach of children and pets because replacement can cost not just money but also time.

Keep a Check

It is important to keep an eye and watch out for change in your mouth. When original teeth are replaced, your gums can respond by changing and adjusting, which may take time. Regular visits to your dentist can help identify this before it can cause problems like mouth sores, pain and burning sensation. Dentures that don’t fit can also be an indication of periodontal disease which is always best to be treated as soon as possible. 

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