Whiter Teeth, Brighter Smile – A Teeth Whitening Treatment Case Study

A teeth whitening treatment can be a great morale booster. When you know you have pearly whites, your confidence shows in every smile.
This is why people invest so much in achieving that Hollywood smile.

We cater to hundreds of people every year who want a brighter smile. Allow us to share with you the story of a young lady who wanted the same. For the sake of patient confidentiality, we won’t be sharing her name.
This young lady was about to graduate from college in two months time and was fed up of her dull smile. She didn’t want her pale smile to taint her graduation day pictures, and felt that it was time she had it whitened.
Our team of dental experts sat down with her and told her what to expect over the course of the following few weeks. We scheduled 3 meetings per week over a period of 4 weeks, and asked her to be patient and not to expect results straight away. She asked if she could use DIY teeth whitening kits to help her condition. We strongly advised against that because we believe that they would do her more harm than good. She willingly complied.
Over the next four weeks she visited our clinic as instructed. After the first two appointments she was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t see the results. We asked her to be patient because a proper teeth whitening treatment takes time. Though still a bit skeptical, she said okay and kept on showing up to the appointments on time.
We were halfway through the whitening treatment and she ecstatically reported that her teeth were visibly whiter than before. The sprinkle in her eyes was matched only by her pearly whites. She asked if she still had to show up on the meetings as scheduled. Our medical team insisted on it and she was happy to comply.
By the time her graduation came around, this young lady had a beautiful, pearly white smile. She remarked on the day of her last appointment how her friends and classmates had complimented her on her smile and how she felt that this was the best investment she had made in a long time.

Do you feel that your smile is lacking? We at Advanced Dental Center will be happy to fix your smile! Visit our offices today and let our team of experts help you in getting the smile that you deserve!