The Anatomy of a Great Dentist – What Makes Them Great?

Anyone can be good at their job, but to be great is a different skill altogether. This applies to the field of dentistry as well.
But what makes a great dentist, well…great? Here are the five tells of a dentist who’s on top of their game.

Knows Their Craft Well:

First and foremost, a great dentist should be well versed in their field of study. Imagine you’re sitting in a dentist’s chair talking about a severe toothache and your dentist just doesn’t know what to do.
That image certainly doesn’t inspire trust or confidence, does it? It is therefore critical for a dentist to know their craft inside out for them to be considered great.

Strong Communication Skills:

Communication is the backbone of the dentistry world.  You can be the best cosmetic dentist in the world but if you’re unable to communicate and empathize with patients, inspire trust, and guide them through their problems, you won’t get far.

A great dentist, to the best of their ability, answers every question a patient asks in the simplest way possible so that the patient understands their case better.


Another important quality of a great dentist is the ability to be honest with their patients. Under no circumstances whatsoever should a licensed practitioner lie to their patient.
A common problem that most dentists face is that if they are totally honest with their patients, there’s a chance that they might scare them off. Even in these situations it’s important to be transparent!

Values Your Time and Resources:

A great dentist is well aware of your resources, and should never look to add to the bill just for the sake of it. Similarly, it’s also a common practice of most dentists to book a lot of appointments which makes the task of visits to the dentist’s office a chore.
However, a great dentist knows the value of your time and tries to optimize the number of meetings so that you come out on top!

A Well-kept Clinic:

For most, the dentist’s office is uncharted territory. Thus, if the dentist’s office is untidy or messy, there’s a high chance that will drive potential patients off. From our own experience, we’ve seen nearly all great dentists maintain a well-kept and neat office.

We at Advanced Dental Center pride ourselves in keeping our clinic clean by using state-of-the-art sterilization techniques. Are you looking for reliable family dentists in Germantown? Visit our clinic in the county today!