Root Canals Can Save Teeth

If a tooth gets infected by bacteria, it will continue to decay until it is treated effectively. When the patient visits their dentist, they assess their dental condition and determine if dental filling would do the job.

With time, a dental infection gets severe and cannot be restored through traditional means. The tooth may either need to be removed, or a root canal be performed over it.
Root canal therapy is performed over a tooth in place of a tooth extraction. It involves the removal of the bacteria infection inside the pulp or the nerve chamber of the tooth.

It is used as a solution in various dental conditions such as chipping to tooth, trauma, deep tooth decay, etc., and offers a great way of getting rid of the main source of pain, making the tooth functional again.
Here are a few symptoms that may indicate an infection in your tooth pulp. 


· Foul taste in the mouth
· Pain during chewing, or even when opening the mouth
· Swelling in the jaw area near the tooth or in the gum
· Severe toothache
· Fever due to the infected root canal
Using root canal therapy, your dentist can easily address the main cause of these problems. 


Root canal treatment has a number of benefits.
· It is reversible, and saves you from making extra expenses. When you lose a tooth, you cannot get it back unless you get a prosthesis done. However, removable prosthesis cost good money and can be more expensive than root canals.
· Dental carries can cause severe toothaches, thus, you may find it hard to function normally when suffering from it.  You may face sleepless nights due to excessive pain. So, root canal can relieve you of all the discomfort and pain.
· If you do not replace your lost tooth, a number of changes can occur in your mouth. Your teeth may shift Your bite may change. This may lead to occlusion. Therefore, root canal is the perfect solution for this.
· A root canal treatment is performed in place of a tooth extraction. This means that rather than losing your tooth, you rescue it. A root canal treatment involves the removal of the pulp tissue to relieve the patient from any pain. Once completed, though the tooth is no longer vital, it still is a part of the mouth.

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