Dental Tips For A Healthy Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, for most children, it means a chance to stockpile chocolates and sweets for the entire winter. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one tempting holiday for the adults too.
But with all the sweets, there is no surprise that Halloween also presents parents with multiple health and safety challenges. While it is okay to have all the sweets and chocolates, it is equally essential to have a backup plan.
So, here’s how you can help your family stay healthy this Halloween.

Time Them Right

Since your saliva production speeds up during meals, have your Halloween candies and sweets with your meals, or right after. This way, the acids created by bacteria inside your mouth are canceled out.

Choose Your Candies Carefully

Avoid sweets and candies that last in your mouth for a good amount of time. Apart from how often you have a snack, the more the amount of time sugary foods stay in your mouth, the more they can cause decay to your teeth.

Follow A Plan

Though you may be tempted to eat more of those delicious candy bars, your teeth may well thank you if you limit your collection. So, pick out your favorite ones and donate the rest.

Keep A Healthy Diet

The human body is a complex machine. Whatever we eat and how often we eat acts as fuel for our body. Therefore, choose your foods and your timings carefully because it affects your health and that of your gums and teeth.

Drink Water

To prevent tooth decay this Halloween, make it your habit to drink more fluoridated water. Even if you drink bottled water, choose the ones that are fluoridated.

Clean The Area Between Your Teeth

Flossing at least once a day is important. Otherwise, bacteria can get between your teeth to areas where tooth brush cannot reach, and cause decay. Flossing helps in removing tiny food particles and plaque from under your gum line and between your teeth. It may come particularly useful during Halloween.

Brush Twice Daily

By brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, you can clear off the damage done by the sugary content in candies.

Stay Away From Candies And Sweet Snacks

Sweet snacks and candies can cause cavities, and problems can worsen if you decide on grabbing and eating these sugary treats the entire day. Snacking on sweets and candies is not good for your diet or dental health.

Have a creepy and healthy Halloween!

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