Electric vs. Traditional: Tooth Brushes

Like every other aspect in our society, even tooth brushes have evolved over time.
These days, there are tooth brushes out there that are powered by electricity and include high speed rotating bristles. Although these electric tooth brushes were introduced in the market quite some time ago, they are still very popular especially amongst young children.

But many people still wonder whether electric tooth brushes have eliminated the need for traditional tooth brushes.
To end this debate on whether traditional tooth brushes are more effective than traditional ones, we have articulated a list of its pros and cons.

Electric tooth brushes

Pros: The first and most prominent advantage of electric tooth brushes is the fact that they appear to be much more appealing and enticing. This is makes it perfect for children,  encouraging them to use electric tooth brushes so that they can have fun while brushing their teeth!
At the same time, electric tooth brushes are actually faster than traditional tooth brushes so people can save time every day using these tooth brushes. Finally, electric tooth brushes are also ideal for people who have trouble gripping tooth brushes due to any condition.
Cons: The most profound disadvantage of electric tooth brushes is their price tag, due to the intricate rotating motors present inside its mechanics, these devices are sold at high prices.  
Another disadvantage of electric tooth brushes is their bulky size and the fact that the vibrations might be difficult for some people to deal with.  

Traditional tooth brushes

Pros: Traditional tooth brushes are still around due to the array of benefits that they provide. These traditional tooth brushes are available at affordable prices and provide the user with optimum control when brushing their teeth.
At the same time, these tooth brushes are perfect for people who constantly travel and are the most reliable option since there is no chance of them breaking down!
Cons: In order to brush teeth effectively, the end user will need to know the recommended brushing techniques and a level of dexterity is required while using these brushes. Finally, people who are suffering from conditions like arthritis will have a lot of trouble using traditional brushes.
At the end of the day, both of these tooth brushes have their own charm, but the only way to find out which tooth brush is more beneficial is by contacting a cosmetic and family dentistry. Your dentist in Gaithersburg MD can ascertain which tooth brush will be more effective for you and your family!
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