What to Do In a Dental Emergency

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), an increase in the number of hospital emergency room visits pertaining to dental issues have increased for patients aged 19 to 49 years.
Dental emergencies should not be taken lightly and any injury to the teeth and gums should be treated without delay.
Permanent damage can be anticipated and prevented well in advance if dental help is sought out at the right time.
Read on to know what you can do in case of dental emergencies!

The most common concern, toothaches, can erupt at the most unpredictable times, leading to discomfort. Make sure that you do not have any leftover food particles remaining in your mouth.
In case of swelling, apply an ice pack and avoid taking too many painkillers. It is highly recommended that you see a dentist as soon as possible, so that the tooth ache does not worsen over time.

Chipped Tooth
Often due to the abrasive action of certain toothpastes or something hard that you might have nibbled on can chip away at your tooth’s enamel.  
This can cause bleeding which needs to be stopped before it increases. Gauze should be applied on the affected area followed by a cold compress on the outside. Retain the part of the broken tooth and rinse it to disinfect; consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Physical Injury Leading To Knocked-Out Tooth
Sports injuries are more common than we think. In case you knocked off or loosened a tooth during a hard-core game, make sure to visit an emergency dentist.
Rinse slowly first. Any attached tissue fragments should not be damaged when rinsing it. Do not try to force the tooth back in place. Retain the teeth in a cup of water containing table salt or milk.
Consult with your dentists as soon as possible so that the doctor can save the tooth and place it firmly in its original position.

Teeth that are restored within one hour of being knocked out have a greater chance of being saved. Such situations need immediate action and cannot afford to be delayed.
There are many other sources of dental emergencies such as:
· Soft-tissue injury
· Abscess (leading to severe infection)
· Loose brackets and bands
· Lost crown
· Degradation of tooth fillings
· Partially dislodged (extruded  teeth)

Advanced Dental Center serves Rockville, Frederick and Gaithersburg in Maryland. If you ever face a dental emergency, consult your dentist to get the situation under control and prevent excess damage.