Sugar Addiction Is Like Slow Poison for Your Teeth: Tips to Cut It Down

Scientific research has proven that the more sugar you treat yourself with, the more your taste buds will crave for it.
Sugary substances are known to trigger an increased desire for satisfying your sweet tooth, which is why dental experts tell their patients to stay away from all sugary and high in carbohydrate items.
This is primarily because loading up your body with carbohydrates makes you feel full and reenergized, by giving you that quick fix for your energy needs. However, in the long run, it makes the person feel famished.
This is a vicious never-ending cycle that keeps you hooked onto your favorite sugary meals and treats. Here’s how to snap out of it!

Boycott Processed Food
What’s in it that makes us crave for more and more? Sugar intake basically activates that part of your brain that is associated with the production of dopamine. This is also known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone or the pleasure neurotransmitter.
However, just a few hours after sugar consumption, dopamine levels drop again causing our body to crave for more leading to sugar addiction.

Find Ways to Boost Levels of Serotonin in Your Body
Alternatively, known as the ‘happiness hormone’, this hormone can be stimulated by introducing exercise and regularized sleep patterns in your schedule. With high levels of serotonin in your body, sweet cravings automatically reduce.

Increase Your Water Intake
Your body might be tricked into believing that it is craving for sugar when in fact it is merely dehydrated.
When your body falls low on its water content, it makes the person crave for something energizing. Since, carbohydrate rich foods do just that dehydration turns into sweet cravings.

Keeping Your Blood Sugar Level Stable
One way of stopping your body from craving sugar at unusual times of the day is to eat small portions throughout the day instead of consuming large portion sizes. This helps curb dips in blood sugar levels.
Spreading your meals throughout the day will increase the production of serotonin, making you feel generally happier.

 Practice Meditation
Training your mind to concentrate on your thoughts and do some soul-searching can help reduce stress.
Stress is linked to the release of the hormone cortisol which makes your blood sugar level to shoot up. This puts undue pressure on one’s adrenals, resulting in sugar cravings. Meditation also helps in digestion and nutrient absorption.

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