Establishing Oral Health by Training You Brain

Oral health care concerns have continued to rise in the U.S with 30% of Americans not even brushing their teeth before going to bed. This lack of proper dental routine and carelessness in maintaining one’s oral hygiene has led to an increased incidence of gum diseases and repeat visits to the dentist.  
If you are amongst the one third of Americans who don’t floss, it’s time you take control of your dental health before it’s too late.
You can begin with training your mind into developing a proper dental routine.
Here’s how you stop your brain from taking a shortcut and doing what’s right!

Stay True to Your Routine
If you are inconsistent in following a certain routine, it will not be able to mature into a well ingrained habit.  
Instead of abandoning your newly acquired habit at the end of the first week, try to build up on the habit and sustain it for two months at least for it to become a part of second instinct.

Reward Yourself
Motivation is important to drive you to achieve something that is important for good mental and physical health.
For this purpose, set particular milestones to be achieved and reward yourself at the end of each stage. This could be a physical reward or something that strengthens your drive to go on.

Track Your Progress
Charting how far you’ve come from day 1 is a highly effective way of reminding yourself about the end goal.
This will give you a physical reminder every time you cross the chart on the fridge. This visual cue motivates you to achieve your goal and rewards yourself then.

Set a Reminder
You can set an alarm on a daily basis to get you to brush your teeth timely. You could even do this by asking others to remind you to stay true to your routine.
Once you have mastered the art of consciously and regularly taking care of your teeth, your next visit to the dentist will be a pleasant.
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