Why Is My Mouth Peeling From The Inside?

If you notice that the inside your mouth is peeling off, it is a telltale sign of oral or health problems. While many of these conditions are harmless, others may be an indication of something serious. At the same time, the feeling of layers of tissue peeling off inside the mouth can be discomforting.
Here are a few reasons why your mouth might be peeling from the inside:

Mouthwash or Toothpaste Reactions

Allergic reactions to toothpaste and mouthwash might be the reasons why your mouth is peeling. It is also often gingivitis or mouth sores and ulcers.
Many experts still debate over the safety of alcohol in mouthwashes. While some experts believe it could be a trigger for mouth cancer, there is no conclusive evidence.
However, excessive use of mouthwashes with high volume of alcohol can often lead to tissue sloughing, ultimately leading to peeling.


Peeling gums could also indicate a severe case of gingivitis. The oral health condition often inflames tissues and if left unattended, the gum lining begins to recede. In fact, some of the gum lining may even be lost.
If the gum lining is receding and peeling simultaneously, you should make it to the dentist ASAP.

Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers appear as small white spots on your gum tissue or around them. Within the second or third day of showing up, mouth ulcers can start to peel. Make sure that you set up an appointment with a dentist and have your mouth examined as mouth ulcers are often indications of mouth cancer.
Mouth ulcers may often be accompanied with swelling of gum lining, redness and even bleeding. Most of these conditions stem from poor oral hygiene. At other times, it may be a side effect of medications like antibiotics.

After Quitting Smoking

When you are smoke, you are, in reality, smoking your teeth and gums. This is similar to how you smoke a piece of meat. Naturally the gums and teeth buildup a lining of tar, and chemicals. When you quit, your gum lining starts to regenerate itself, shedding the old tissue gradually.
If you feel that this condition is accompanied with swelling, redness, irritation, difficulty to eat and bleeding, have it checked immediately.
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