Top 5 Foods Dentists Won’t Eat!

Tooth damage, staining and demineralization can undermine the strength of your teeth. This can be attributed to certain things we consume, without realizing the potential damage it causes to our teeth.
Instead of exposing your teeth to enamel eroding agents, isn’t it wise to watch what you eat and reduce the chances of you having to undergo elaborate and costly dental procedures.
Apart from the obvious sugar-loaded foods, there are certain nutritious foods that may be harming your dental health.
Here’s a list of foods that dentists, being pros, avoid to maintain their set of pearly whites.


People are under the misconception that diet soda is not as harmful as the original version. However, they fail to realize that all sodas are acidic in nature and tend to have a demineralizing effect on the tooth enamel.

Oh how you love chewing on those ice cubes after you’ve sipped the last drop of your beverage! While you nibble on those ice cubes, you risk crack a tooth in the process. Sure, ice is non-sugary but that doesn’t get it off the list of potential tooth harmers.

Mint Candies
Do you have the habit of sucking breath mints to refresh your breath or just open up your senses during a boring day at work? This constant sucking is equal to injecting sugar into your teeth as it constantly gets soaked in through the pores.
A healthy alternative would be xylitol (with anti-bacterial properties) sweetened mints or sugar-free ones. This helps keep tooth decay at bay.


Snacking on processed, crunchy, light-weight chips can be the ultimate moment of pleasure while watching your favorite TV show.
However, amidst all that flavor and spice, you are exposing yourself to high amounts of fat and sodium that are damaging your teeth.

Taking up your oral care in your hands calls for establishing a proper dental regime.
However, being more vigilant and consciously making an effort to monitor the things you eat goes a long way in maintaining your dental hygiene. Also scheduling regular visits to the dentist will help you stay aware of your condition; regular cleaning can help keep your teeth from plaque and bacteria buildup.
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