5 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

As strong and invincible as your teeth may seem, abusing them might lead to severe consequences.
Many of the things that people usually do unconsciously are often harmful; it may chip their teeth or damage the enamel.
Here are a few instances:

Using Your Teeth as a Bottle/Packet Opener
Often when a packet of chips or a brand-new bottle of marmalade refuses to open despite repeated attempts, we often use our teeth to get the job done. Undue pressure can lead to damage and cracks appearing in the enamel.

Brushing and Flossing Excessively
It’s good to brush and floss regularly, however it should be kept in mind that nothing is good when done in excess.
It is a common misconception that scrubbing your teeth harder and with greater force will whiten them more. In fact, a hard bristled brush may erode your enamel and increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

Oral Piercing

Any tongue, lip or uvula piercing can prove to be quite troublesome for your oral health. The metal worn can scrape against your tongue or teeth. It could even harm your gums or damage restorations.

Consuming Sugars in Different Forms
Many sources of sugar are camouflaged as crackers or cereals, something that is supposedly healthy.
Increase your awareness of the sugar content in most foods.  Read food labels to know what you are consuming. And even if you do consume them, make sure that you brush and floss after that.

Teeth Grinding
Do you suffer from bruxism? Often people unconsciously clench their jaws and grind their teeth which cause friction to develop and the chewing surface of the teeth to undergo wear and tear.  
This can inflict great damage to your teeth, including micro fractures. This requires a mouth guard to be fitted which most of the people hesitate from.
Certain acts of negligence and habits can be harmful for your teeth. Schedule regular visits to a dentist near you. If you reside in Rockville, MD, Advanced Dental Center is one facility that can help create a treatment plan for your damaged teeth.
Restore your smile and say hello to the more confident you! 


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