Ways to Combat Dental Fear

If the thought of calling a dental clinic to schedule an appointment makes your palms sweaty – you’re not alone.  Statistics say that 50% of Americans don’t visit dentists on a regular basis. Moreover, nearly 30-40 million people avoid seeing a dentist merely due to dental phobia.
Even though dental technology is progressing, making dental treatments lesser painful, more effective and quick, just the idea of sitting in a dental chair before a dentist makes people nervous.
To help battle against this unreasonable fear, outlined below are a few tips and practices you must follow:

Accept Your Fears

If the date for your next dental appointment is drawing close, we’re quite sure you’re already feeling nervous, stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of keeping the emotions within, talk to someone you think would empathize with you and your situation. Discuss your worries with someone you trust. Do not talk to anybody who you think can intensify your fears and emotions, recalling your previous bad experiences. At Advanced Dental Center, we patiently listen to the apprehensions of our patients, make them relax and feel as comfortable as possible.

Find a Friendly Dental Clinic

In case you’ve never been to a dentist, look for one located near your place. Communicate your concerns to them and see how they respond. Some dental clinics don’t bother to respond at all. Take notice of the red flags. Did the receptionist rush you through the call? Was the staff too informational and unsympathetic? This may seem like a time-consuming process, but it’s definitely worth every minute of your time. An even better thing to do is visit the dental office to meet the dentists personally. Remember, a good dental clinic would welcome you and show their facility proudly.

Bring Along a Companion

There are times when a close friend could become a source of comfort and confidence during a dental visit. If you’re more comfortable with a family member, ask them to accompany you for the dental checkup. Kids often find solace and relaxation in a toy, such as a stuffed animal which they can bring along. If you’re too nervous about the visit, you can appoint your companion as an advocate as well – to appropriately ask questions on your behalf and communicate your fears to the dentist.
Above all, patients must exercise control over their imagination. There have been instances in the past where patients start imagining things that complicate dental treatments. At Advanced Dental Center, we also offer sedation dentistry to patients that are extremely anxious about dental surgeries and procedures. We don’t use needles and only provide oral sedations to patients. Call (301) 353-8890 to obtain our dental services in Gaithersburg, Frederick, Germantown, and Rockville, MD.