Common Oral Aging Problems and Their Solutions

A host of things impact our oral health – our oral habits, diet, dental visits and more. However, one thing that we fail to consider is the natural process of aging. Not just the overall health, aging also impacts our teeth, gum and mouth. No matter how much care and attention you pay to your teeth, they will start showing signs of aging, making you look and feel old.
Nonetheless, there are a few steps you can take to at least slow down the aging process of your teeth and mouth as they encounter common aging problems. Some of them are outlined below:

Dark Teeth

As we grow old, our teeth gradually begin losing their natural shine and luster. They become dark and dull. This actually happens when the enamel layer starts wearing off, making the yellow dentin underneath prominent. Furthermore, consumption of certain foods and drinks also leads to discoloration.
If you’re thinking how to whiten your dark teeth, professional teeth whitening treatment is what you should go for. You can even get veneers to brighten up your dim smile. Not to forget, avoid drinking and eating foods that lead to natural discoloring of teeth.

Dry Mouth

Many times, doctors prescribe medicines to patients for some chronic diseases such as diabetes that produce oral side effects. One of these side effects is the reduction in the amount of saliva produced by our mouth. As a result, the mouth dries up, disrupting the ability to chew food, making it more vulnerable to decays and periodontal disease.
Here’s how to deal with it: Consult your dentist and use sugar-free gums that are easily available at a local store. These gums encourage the production of saliva, while the fluoride content in them fortifies the enamel. Moreover, you could also talk to your doctor and ask to change the prescribed medicine.

Longer Teeth

In case your gums are receding, you will notice that your teeth are getting more exposed than usual. If receding gums are left unattended, the softer, more sensitive area of your teeth starts showing up. And your teeth seem to appear longer.
So what’s the solution? Use a fluoride-based mouthwash or toothpaste to alleviate the pain and discomfort. Moreover, make use of soft toothbrushes that aren’t rash on your teeth and gums. Go easy and slow when brushing teeth. Spend at least 2-3 minutes to properly clean your teeth. Lastly, see a dentist in case you’re encountering more symptoms of periodontal disease. Your dentist would then be able to begin therapies and treatments to prevent further gum loss.
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