Here’s What You Need To Know Before Going To A Root Canal Treatment

Are you nervous about getting a root canal treatment? Don’t know what to expect? Well, you are not alone.
We at Advanced Dental Center have tried to answer some of your questions related to root canal treatment:

About the Procedure

First up, let’s talk about what root canal treatment is and when it becomes necessary. Root canal—or endodontic treatment—is a method of preserving teeth. Inside a tooth, there is white enamel and a hard layer known as dentin. Pulp is a soft tissue that is found inside dentin. Carrying essential blood vessels and nerve tissue, the pulp helps in the growth of your tooth.
The nerve tissue is quite delicate and vulnerable to attacks from bacteria. When the tissue dies out, it becomes very important to stop infection as that could have you lose your tooth entirely. This is where root canal treatment comes in. Simply put, in this procedure, your dentist cuts infected nerve tissue and saves the tooth.    

Why Not Pull the Tooth Out?

You might be thinking, why all the fuss? Why not just pull the tooth out? The problem with yanking tooth out is that you don’t get to keep it! You will have to replace it with an artificial implant and that may lead to other problems, such as avoiding certain foods.
Root canal treatment is a better option because it will not interfere with teeth alignment. Moreover, once you get a crown fixed on it, you can easily chew and bite from it.  

What to Expect During Treatment

First, local anesthesia will be administered by your dentist to ensure that you don’t feel anything on the affected part.
Then, various x-rays will be carried out to find correct location of the infected tissue.
A rubber shield may be placed over your mouth to make sure that bacteria in your saliva do not reach your teeth. After this, your dentist will create a hole in the affected tooth to reach pulp chamber. Through this hole, he or she will remove the infected tissue and refill the hole with a natural filling material.

What to Watch Out for Afterwards

It is very unlikely that you feel pain or experience soreness after root canal treatment. However, if you do, make sure you consult your dentist. Moreover, get the crown placed as early as possible. Until then, take good care while biting anything hard.

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