Cavity Control:5TreatmentsforYour Oral Health

Our mouths are filledwithahostofbacteria.These bacteria contain acids that gradually erode our teeth.Ifpoor dentalhygiene continues, it can leadtocavities.
Cavities cause destruction of your teeth’s enameland dentin. The symptoms may includetoothache and sensitivity to hot orcolddrinks.
The problem is more widespread than you may think. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), every one out of five Americans has untreated dental cavities.
Brushingtwice a day and flossing may be the best prevention against cavities, but when they do occur, aprofessional treatment is essential. The form of treatment you choose may depend on the severityofthe situation.
Here are some treatment procedures for tooth cavities:

Fluoride Treatment

This will be the best course of action if your cavity has just started. Professional fluoride treatment includes the employment of a fluoride form or gel to the teeth for a few minutes to cater to its deficiency. Also, a tray containing fluoride varnish can be placed into your mouth to let your teeth receive their share of fluoride.


Made of various protective materials—such as resins or porcelain—fillings can be fixed into your cavity-affected tooth to prevent further bacteria. After cleaning the cavity, your dentist creates a place for the filling. This filling is then matched with the original tooth to give the mouth a comfortable feel.


A crown is a custom-fitted replacement that can be used in place of the natural crown. It can increase the chances of a patient retaining his/her tooth. The process is employed when the decay has gotten quite bad. Made from gold, porcelain or resin, the crown looks like an actual toothand therefore, maintains the shape of the mouth.

Root Canals

Root canals are used when the pulp of the tooth has been infected. The dentist cleans out the infected pulp. After that pulp is healed, your dental practitioner will close it with a filling.

Tooth Extractions

This is the treatmentprocessemployed only when the tooth is so badly damaged that it cannot be saved through other means.
However, extracting a tooth will leave a gap that can cause disturbance in the arrangement of the teeth. Make sure to get a dental implant, bridge, or partial dentureto fill this gap and have a balanced mouth structure.

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