Dental Care – Caring For The Aged

As you age, your body does not remain as fit as it used to be in the past. Similar is the case with your teeth.
You may not have any dental issue all your life but all of a sudden, you start developing cavities and a host of other dental issues as you grow older.   
Let us first take a look at some dental challenges that seniors face when in the twilight of their lives and then some tips at how these issues can be avoided:

Oral Health Problems Faced By Seniors

·        Dry Mouth
This is a condition that is caused by reduced flow of saliva. Sometimes, it is the result of normal physical changes that occur in the body as you age; other times, it can be caused by medications. According to a research, 400 commonly used medicines may be contributing to dry mouth. The lack of saliva increases the risks of other oral diseases as well.
·        Root Decay
This is caused by increased exposure to acids that cause decay. As the gum tissue moves back, the roots (which do not have enamel to protect them) become more and more exposed to what you eat or drink.
·        Darkened Teeth
With years and years of exposure to foods and drinks, it is time that your teeth start to show some lack of resistance. As the outer enamel layer becomes thin, and dentin (a bone-like tissue residing in enamel) weakens, your teeth start to lose their whiteness.

Some Tips for Maintaining Oral Health

Increase Water Consumption
At this age, remember that tap water may be your best friend. Drink as much of it as possible so that your teeth get their required Fluoride dosage.
Get Rid of Tobacco Usage
If you have been a heavy smoker all your life, now is the time to free yourself from the habit. Not only does tobacco causes stains on your teeth, it is also a leading cause of mouth and throat cancer.
Regularly Visit Your Dentist
A regular dental checkup is all the more important at this stage of your life. Set up an appointment with your dentist and make sure you visit, even if you do not feel anything is wrong.
Brush and Floss
Use a soft or electric brush and thoroughly clean the surface of your teeth and gums twice a day. Also, make sure that you floss every day for thorough cleansing.

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