9 Tending Tips For Twinkling Teeth

Why doesn’t Mona Lisa laugh with an open mouth? Perhaps she has a less than perfect smile. Is your smile demure and uncertain too?
Whatever may be the case, we all love the idea of having dazzling white teeth because they reflect hygiene and add value to your personality.
But gleaming teeth do not remain white – unless you take appropriate care of it.
Here is a list of good habits to maintain dental health.

Brush twice or thrice daily – This cannot be more emphasized. You should brush in the morning before breakfast and in the evening after dinner so that food particles do not accumulate and decay in your mouth.
You can also add a third brushing session in the afternoon for extra care.

 Brush your teeth systematically – Brush your teeth in a sequence. Hold the brush at some angle to the teeth then starting from the right side if you hold the brush in your right hand, move to the left and vice versa. Brush in circling motions and make sure not to scrub too harshly which can damage tooth enamel.

Change your brush every two months – Toothbrushes lose bristles and become useless over time. It is best to replace your toothbrush every two months and store them in a cool and dry place to curb bacteria growth.

Use a brush with soft bristles – Buy a brush with soft bristles as it can enter and clean the tiny openings between your teeth. Also consider purchasing an electronic brush which is, although costly, easier and more effective to use.

Use Fluoridated toothpaste/mouthwash – Fluoride has the magical effect of an elixir on your teeth. It keeps cavities away by chemically reacting with tooth enamel to draw out all the plaque and buildups. Using Fluoridated mouthwash freshens your breath as well.

Floss well – Use separate floss string for every tooth. Floss gently, not forgetting the back teeth.

Eat a healthy diet – Eating healthy is the key to keeping good oral hygiene. Eat fresh fruits and nuts. It is good to limit the use of sugary beverages like soft drinks, tea. Excessive consumption of confectionaries like chocolate should be avoided. Whenever you have a candy, make sure to rinse your mouth afterward.

Give up smoking – Nicotine in cigarettes react with the tooth enamel, permanently landing yellow color to your teeth. Along with bad breath and weaker gums, smoking also causes other oral diseases such as mouth cancer. Try giving up smoking and use other alternatives like sugar-free gums to overcome your habit.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year – Even if your teeth are fine, you should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Your dentist can check up your teeth and let you know if there is a little cavity in your mouth which can become bigger if left unchecked.

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