5 Common Foods That Damage Your Teeth

What you eat matters. It not only impacts your overall health, but your oral health too.
If any food is taken out of proportion, that is too less or far too much, then your dental hygiene will be affected by it.
For example, too much sugary foods can break down your enamel, the natural protective covering of your teeth. This will result in hypersensitivity and toothache. On the other hand, hard candies can cause chipped or cracked teeth, resulting in an emergency situation. Hence, you should know what is good and bad for your dental health.
In a previous blog, we discussed some food items that help boost dental health. Here, we list items whose intake can be harmful for your teeth.

Citrusy/ acidic food

Citrusy foods are acidic and their frequent use can erode enamel from your teeth. This will leave the canals and tubules in inner teeth exposed, fist making them sensitive to a number of cold and hot items or beverages, and then causing tooth decay.
Citrus fruits such as lemon can also irritate mouth sores if you have any. Instead of going for a lemon squeezed glass of water, just drink plain water.


Coffee and tea are healthier choices than most of the other beverages. But when used too often, they can turn into the tooth decaying evil.
First, they can cause dryness in your mouth. Saliva sweeps bacteria and other particles from your mouth to keep it clean. Less saliva production means less dental hygiene. Secondly, frequent use can also stain your teeth resulting in a bad appearance. Lastly, most people like their coffees and teas to be very sweet. It makes these drinks a high source of sugar which can result in tooth decay.
If you are a caffeine lover and cannot think of giving it up, make it a habit of drinking plenty of water. Also, keep the add-ons as low as possible.

Soda and sports drinks

For some people, it is almost a reflex to get a soda can with every meal. These soda cans as well common sports and refreshing drinks are packed with sugar.
When consumed, this sugar gets left behind for consumption by bacteria. Not only will these bacteria grow happily over your teeth, they turn the sugar into acid to gain energy from it. These acids will slowly, but surely, erode your enamel and destroy your teeth.
Both carbonated and caffeinated beverages, including the diet soda, are extremely harmful for your teeth. Instead choose a glass of plain water to go with your drink.

 Crunchy food

Who doesn’t love gobbling down a huge packet of potato chips? We all do but we should be able to resist the temptation.
These food items have starch which results in particles being trapped in between your teeth, eventually leading to tooth decay.
You should limit your consumption of such crunchy food and must take extra care while flossing when you decide to indulge in such guilty pleasures.


We already know alcohol can be dangerous for our health, especially if consumed too much and too often.
It can cause dry mouth and dehydration. Your saliva flow will be affected over time, increasing the chances of tooth decay, infections or gum disease. Additionally, with heavy alcohol consumption, you also risk getting mouth cancer.

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