Putting Patients First: Why Go Digital With X-Rays?

As dentists practice their expertise, dental technology has been going through various revolutions to make treatments simplistic and effective.
Owing to science and technology, a range of contemporary techniques allow patients to obtain dental treatment painlessly and quickly.
That being said, dental technology is now even more geared towards making dental x-rays safe and convenient.
Critics have been talking about the health concerns associated with x-rays, and the radiations they emit, putting patients at risk. However, when conducted digitally, dental x-rays yield myriad benefits. Digital x-rays are countless ways better than the traditional ones – the most convincing reasons are stated below:

They Emit Lesser Radiation

When conducting digital radiography, the patient is exposed to very low levels of radiation. According to statistics, digital x-rays consume up to 90% less radiation relative to the conventional film x-rays (that are still being conducted at some outmoded dental clinics). Since conventional dental x-rays emit hazardous radiations, digital radiography stands as a remarkable alternative for patients that require frequent x-rays to be taken at consistent intervals.

They Make Dental Appointments Shorter

Digital X-rays can are also effective at making dental treatment sessions shorter. That’s because conventional dental X-rays is quite time-consuming as the dentist needs to develop the film to view the outcome.
On the other hand, digital x-rays comprise sensors that instantly produce pictures and display it on a computer monitor. As a result, your dentist is better able to suggest treatment options in lesser time.

They Produce Better Quality of Images

Often, the results obtained from conventional dental x-rays can be limiting. Not only are they difficult to view, but also make analysis complex. Reason? It’s size.
Kicking aside the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, digital radiography produces top quality, crisp images. When the digital x-ray is displayed on the computer monitor, the dentist can easily magnify it for a clearer view of the oral condition and the impacted site.
Moreover, the images can be adjusted for brightness, contrast and color, making the cavities even more visible. For keeping record, you can always ask your dentist to provide you with a soft as well as hard copy of your digital x-ray.

They are Environmental-Friendly

Digital x-rays not only contribute to human health, but also to the environment. When producing the images for digital x-rays, no chemicals are required (unlike the conventional x-rays). Moreover, with digital x-rays, dentists no longer need a dark room for preparing x-ray images or a special store room to pile up unnecessary images. Everything is produced and stored digitally.
Digital x-rays are helping many dentists as well as patients by providing effective and timely treatments.

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