5 Tips For Better Dental Hygiene

Our teeth help us to chew and speak, but that is not the only reason why we should take care of them. Poor oral hygiene can result in a number of tooth and gum diseases.
Everyone wants a white, bright smile, but very few want to work for a good oral hygiene. Thankfully though, there are some easy ways by which you can achieve better dental hygiene.

1.    Brush your teeth properly

It might look like a no brainer but a surprising number of people do not know how to brush their teeth properly.
While brushing, it is important that the thread like bristles remain at an angle of 45°.
The gum line as well as the tooth surface should remain in contact with bristles.
The outer surface of teeth should be brushed with an up and down and a back and forth movement but remember to do it gently. For inner surfaces, again place the brush at a 45° but on the inner side of your gum line. Make sure to brush at least twice a day to avoid plaque buildup dentist gaithersburg maryland.

2.    Brush your tongue

Most of us forget to brush our tongue. However, a few seconds used for brushing our tongue goes a long way. Furthermore, plaque buildup on tongue can leave bad breath.
Use your brush or a tongue scraper to remove bacteria buildup every morning. Make sure to repeat it every night as well, or whenever you brush your teeth. Remember, your tongue can easily spread its bacteria to the tooth and gum region, causing tooth decay.

3.    Do not ignore flossing!

Flossing seems like a chore to most of us and we are always too tired at the end of the day. So learn to floss without using a mirror as a guide. This way, you can floss wherever and whenever you get time to do so.
Flossing reaches the areas where your brush cannot reach. It helps remove food particle stuck in between your teeth and elsewhere. This helps avoid plaque buildup. It is recommended to floss at least once a day for better dental health dental cleaning germantown.

4.    Increase your calcium intake

Just like your bones, your teeth require calcium to stay strong.
So make calcium rich food a part of your regular diet.
While milk is obviously a very good choice, people who are lactose intolerant or do not like milk have other options too. These include orange juice that is fortified with calcium, yogurt, cheese and broccoli.
Calcium supplements can also be taken after recommendation of a dentist. There are different forms of calcium supplements. Various dosages are given depending on your age and calcium insufficiency. Hence, medical advice must be sought.

5.    Make a visit to a dental clinic

You should visit a dental center at least twice a year and get full dental checkup done. At such check up, X-rays and other tests may also be performed if you risk tooth decay or other dental problem.
With proper checkups, it becomes easier to detect as well as prevent dental diseases.

Have you had a dental checkup done in the last six months? If not, then come around our center today and get access to a wide range of dental services.