5 Foods That Are Good For Your Dental Health

You are what you eat. It could not be truer when it comes to dental hygiene.
Our food intake can enhance or worsen our oral health.
Teeth are the first organs which come in contact with whatever we eat. This is why we are always advised to stay away from certain food items or restrict their use.
Limiting our use of caffeine may seem unfair, but we can always use it to our advantage. How? Well, eat food that are good for our dental hygiene and enjoy different tastes and textures at the same time (clue: cheese).
Here are five food items that are good for our dental hygiene:


Cheese is one of the most diverse and tastiest foods. Who doesn’t like cheese? Good thing, it also makes our teeth stronger in a number of ways.
First, it is a yummier source of calcium (good news for those who do not like milk) and protein, supporting both teeth enamel and jaw bones. Secondly, it increases the pH in our mouth. This prevents bacteria growth, lowering the risk of tooth decay.
Finally, cheese increases mouth activity and induces saliva production. Our saliva is our natural anti-bacterial defense; an increase in its production means enhanced health hygiene.


Being another dairy product, yogurt is another good choice of both calcium and proteins. It also has good bacteria, often termed ‘probiotics’, which fight for their place with the cavity forming bacteria in our mouth.
This prevents the bad bacteria from growing which are responsible not only for tooth decay but also for bad breath.

Green vegetables and vitamins

Leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, are a great source of vitamins. They are rich in calcium and folic acid, a type of vitamin B.
These vitamins, along with calcium, help strengthen gums and teeth.
If you do not like vegetable much, it is a good idea to sprinkle a few leaves over your pizza or in various curries. You can always add a bit of kale to your salad or smoothies.

Green tea

While tea and coffee can be harmful for your teeth, green tea is instead a very healthy option for your oral health.
Being rich in polyphenols, it can potentially clean plaque from your teeth. However, it is recommended to always use it in limits. Remember, the excess of anything can be more harmful than good general dentistry services.


Almonds also have a high amount of calcium and proteins. Furthermore, they are low in sugar. This means that they do not only make your teeth stronger but also prevent growth of bacteria because of unavailability of sugar.
A handful of almonds regularly, either alone or as part of your salad, can help you maintain your oral hygiene.

It is a good idea to include all these food as part of your diet. For more recommendations regarding food intake, consult a family dentist at our dental service center.