Top Reasons Why You Need Regular Teeth Cleaning

Celebrities, anchor persons, and television personalities all have a set of beautiful pearly whites that they flash. Ever wondered why they spend so much on their teeth?
Teeth are amongst the first things that people notice in an individual. Stained, unkempt, and yellow teeth put off people in general, and can be read as a symptom of unhygienic lifestyle.
Individuals who care about their dental hygiene invest in regular teeth cleaning procedures, in addition to following the basics of preventive dentistry.
This article explores why regular teeth cleaning is an important aspect of staying healthy.

The Procedure

Your teeth are continuously bathed in saliva, which is a good thing. However, enzymes in saliva cause mineral deposits on your teeth, causing them to stain easily. In addition to that, the gradual build up of plaque and tartar can result in an acidic aftertaste in mouth, which makes their removal necessary.
Dental cleaning is a procedure that helps remove these stains and disease causing substances from the surface of a tooth, revealing a clean and smooth layer.

Tooth Loss Prevention

The over-time build-up of plaque and mineral results in the formation of a substance called tartar. Your body treats tartar as a foreign entity, just like flu virus, and sends in troops to fight it.
As a result of your immune system’s activity on the affected tooth/teeth, your gums start to develop infection and become inflamed. This is a painful condition, which can be avoided with teeth cleaning sittings once per two months.

Disease Prevention

Your mouth is the chief cavity from where external particles enter your body. The food you eat gets mixed with tarter on your teeth, resulting in an unhygienic food bolus for your body to digest. In addition to that, persistent presence of tartar can result in a chronically hyperactive immune system. Your immune system is designed to fight infections for short durations of time, and prolonged activation can result in weakened immune system which is not able to fight external agents as actively as before.
Make regular teeth cleaning a habit, and log in to Advanced Dental Center’s website to book an appointment for the procedure. Healthy teeth and gums mean optimal overall health, so if you notice plaque buildup on your teeth, do the right thing by getting a dental cleaning procedure done.