Tooth Abscess Treatment: A Simple Guide


When a tooth throbs and keeps you up at night, it could be a sign of something more serious than just a regular toothache. An abscessed tooth is one in which an infection has migrated from the pulp to the root tip or around the root. The infection starts in the "pulp chamber," which is the inner chamber of the tooth.

Before an abscess forms, the tooth has essentially lost its ability to fight infection, allowing bacteria to penetrate and multiply in the pulp chamber. The bacterial infection typically travels from the pulp chamber through the bottom of the root into the bone as the germs multiply.

Anyone experiencing symptoms related to a dental abscess should consult dentists in Gaithersburg, MD, as soon as possible. A skilled dentist can readily identify dental abscesses. People who have difficulty eating or breathing should receive emergency dental care immediately.

The objective is to eliminate the infection, and the endodontist may try the following to do this:


You'll almost certainly have them if the infection has moved beyond the abscess site to your jaw or elsewhere in your body. They will not, however, treat the abscess.


If the endodontist cannot salvage the tooth, it will be extracted.

A root canal is a procedure that removes the roots of You may have heard of this common abscess treatment method. It's the most effective technique to keep your tooth. The endodontist drills into your tooth and cleans the pulp within as well as the root canals that run beneath your gum line. They fill in the gaps and seal them. Either a filling or a crown will be placed on your tooth. The rebuilt tooth will have the same appearance and function as your other teeth.


People who have a periapical abscess and a reoccurring infection may require surgical removal of unhealthy tissue.

If you have a periodontal abscess and a persistent infection, you may need your gum tissue altered and your periodontal pocket removed. An oral surgeon will carry out this surgery.

If a dental abscess returns after surgery, the tooth may be removed.

Home Remedies

· Food and drinks that are either too hot or too cold should be avoided.

· Without an abscess, chewing on the side of your mouth will usually be less unpleasant.

· Flossing around the affected area is not recommended.

· Brush your teeth with a gentle toothbrush.

While home treatments might help a person feel better as they wait for treatment, a dental abscess should always be treated by the best dentists in Frederick, MD, to avoid any problems. It's best to visit a dentist instead of waiting for the abscess to worsen. Contact us now.