Tooth Stains and How to Prevent Them


Brown-yellowish or black-brownish spots on teeth are quite common. They are a major signs that you need to make certain changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Here are some things you should consider to prevent your teeth from stains; 

1. Improve Brushing Technique

While cleaning teeth, you often leave some of the areas unintentionally due to an inefficient brushing technique. These areas buildup plaque which eventually develop stains on teeth.

Start by brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, brush properly on the tongue, outside, and inside of the teeth.

However, the best approach is to consult with your doctor to learn up on brushing techniques and right angle. Just remember, proper teeth brushing is important to your oral health.

1. Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

If you are a reluctant brusher, you can do better with an electric toothbrush. An electric brush could be a great investment for your oral health.

For starters, the electric toothbrush has a round head designed which can adapt to all types of teeth and clean them deeply. It can easily navigate inside your mouth and clean all the hidden plaque. 

2. Choose an Effective Mouthwash

All types of mouthwashes are fine for rinsing purpose, but an antibacterial action mouthwash can eliminate stain-catching plaque.

However, an antibacterial mouthwash is not suitable for everyone. It’s better to consult with your dentist and use one accordingly. 

3. Use A Whitening Toothpaste

A whitening toothpaste slightly removes the surface stains, but it cannot change the natural color of your teeth.

However, if you plan to use a whitening toothpaste daily, consider one with a seal from a trustworthy organization. Because the seal indicates the safety and effectiveness of removing stains or discoloration on teeth.

4. Sip Through a Straw

After using whitening toothpaste or any other whitening material, you need to prevent them from stains. However, one of the best ways is to drink beverages through a straw.

Sipping a drink (which can cause stain) through a straw can minimize drink contact with teeth. The lesser a colorful drink contacts your teeth, the greater they will be happier and healthier. Hence, this practice will reduce the risk of stains and discoloration. 


Final Takeaway

Maintaining clean and white teeth require following a comprehensive dental care routine care religiously. The above tips can prevent you from stains but before you make any changes in your lifestyle, make sure you consult with a dentist.

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